Hi there! Welcome to Embracing Messy. My name is Kelsey and I just wanted to share a little about myself with you--because who doesn't like to know a little about the person behind the blog, right?

I'm on the downhill side of my twenties and I love the outdoors, crafting, cooking, music (oh boy do I love music), wine, reading, sports, traveling, and sunshine. I'd be lying if I acted like that was the end of that list, but honestly I love a lot of things.

Embracing Messy started as a craft blog, but as I've grown and my life has changed I don't have as much time to constantly craft because I'm doing other things that I love. You will most likely see the blog evolve over time into more of an all encompassing blog with some travel, crafts, food, and other things. Bare with me as I try to figure out exactly what Embracing Messy is meant to be!

If you want to get in touch with me, use the nav bars on the right hand side of the blog or email me!

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