Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{Fundraising} | New Orleans #1

Good morning everyone! One of my best friends approached me this morning to ask if I'd help her raise money for a trip to New Orleans with her church to help rebuild homes (See info here). She's been a few times already and is hoping to go back this summer, but needs help raising the money.

GO NOLA 2012 banner

She suggested crafts and of course I'm totally willing to help! This idea just came about this morning, so we are majorly in the planning phases, but here's what we're thinking:

Crafting like crazy (like we need an excuse, anyway). Then selling what we make, with ALL profits going towards the New Orleans trip. We're thinking Etsy and Facebook.

My questions for YOU:
1. Have you done craft fundraisers before? If so, what types of things did you make to sell? Any tips?
2. If you were buying, what types of things would you like to buy?
3. Suggestions?

I'd LOVE some input! Please let me know any comments or suggestions you have!

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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