Thursday, April 19, 2012

Upcoming Series

On May 15th, I will officially be a homeowner! I kept wondering how I would have time for the blog between decorating, moving, and just hanging out at my new home (not to mention the time consuming chores that are sure to ensue with home ownership). Anyway, here's a little sneak peek at the house:

So finally it dawned on me that I needed to incorporate all of this into the blog! I have a couple DIY projects that I'm planing for the house so I figured why not share them. So, starting late May, I will start a series that will include tutorials for the DIY projects I do around the house. These will include:

1. Built-in seating for a breakfast nook (I'm most excited about this!)
2. Pallet furniture
3. LOTS of backyard stuff
4. And some plain old decor stuff most likely

AND I'd love for you all to link up any of your home DIY projects! I need inspiration!


  1. Super cute little house! Cant wait to see the projects!

  2. I love it, Kelsey! It's very cute! Can't wait to see the inside :)

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Erika from Southern Belle as an Army Wife

  3. Your house looks beautiful. Can't wait for your projects.


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