Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Guest Post} | Creating Sarah: Magnetic Paper Dolls

If you haven't noticed, I've totally been MIA lately. Still working on the house and honestly I'm just tired. I've been ready for bed since about 7pm... pathetic, I know. Anyway, I'm so happy to have so many wonderful people willing to guest post while I get things together and today is certainly no exception. Sarah from Creating Sarah (she entered some adorable entries into the craft contest) is sharing a cute tutorial with you today that's perfect for the kiddos!

Also, be sure to head over and check out her digital scrapbooking software giveaway! I'll hand it over to Sarah for now!
Hello, Embracing Messy friends!  I'm so excited to be here today to help Kelsey out!

My name is Sarah and I can be found over at Creating Sarah where I am trying to create beauty and happiness in my world.  I also am trying to get through a large growing list of projects I have found in various places.  (Check out my Pinterest obsession!) 

I am the mother of 2 young daughters, so a lot of my projects are designed for them.  One of my favorite projects has been my Quiet Book.  

I recently finished a magnetic activity book which I actually shared in Kelsey's crafting contest.  However, I hadn't quite figured out yet what activities to put into the book!  So, I'd like to share one of the activities I've come up with you. 

Magnetic Paper Dolls
It was kind of a given.  =)

Here's how I put them together:

First I started out with the template created by Sherri Osborn here.  Thank goodness for artistic people who share their talents, right?!  If not for Ms. Osborn and her fantastic templates, these would have been stick people paper dolls...not nearly as cute.

I printed out the body pattern on magnetic paper.
I tried originally printing it out on normal paper and then gluing that onto the magnetic paper...don't do it!  It is too thick and the clothes didn't stick on top.  Stick with the straight magnetic paper.

 Next, I gave it a happy face...and some underclothes.  Let's keep things modest, here!

I pulled out some cute paper...

Side note: See those red tags?  Here's a close up: 
I'm not ashamed to admit I did a happy dance in the store.

Using the templates, I traced and cut out the clothing, adding layers for some dimension. 
Since I wasn't planning on having anything that needed to be stuck on top of the clothes, I did use paper first and glued (Mod Podge!) that onto the magnetic paper.

Then I covered the top of the clothes with contact paper to protect the paper a little. 
Then I very carefully cut it all out!

And, tada! It's done.

Of course, it wasn't until I pulled it out at church a few days later that I realized she has no hair.

I guess that's another project!

Thank you again for having me today!  I'd love to have you come visit my blog any time!  I can also be found on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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