Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3 Ten-Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween: A Creative Cookie Guest Post

Hey there Embracing Messy fans! My name's Kate and I blog over at A Creative Cookie.

Today I am going to share with you three (super easy) 10-minute Halloween costume ideas, plus the diy headpieces for it!
 1. Alien Okay so I think this is just the easiest kid costume ever. For the antennae, wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil. Slide it off and hot glue/super glue big pom poms to the end. Now wrap the other end of the pipe cleaner to the headband, and do another antennae. Now have your child (or yourself ;)) wear green.

 2. Animal Ears kids love being cats, dogs, foxes (above), bears, and pretty much any animal you can think of for Halloween. Make any kind of animal ears by stitching/gluing felt shapes together, stuffing them (for the whole 3D look ;)), and gluing them to hair clips.

3. Pumpkin so I'm being a pumpkin this year. Too old to dress up? Never. Haha ;)
I didn't want to wear a big stump hat with leaves or anything like that, so I glued fake leaves to a headband. I think it turned out super cute, plus it cost me $0.

I hope you can use these ideas for your kid's costumes :)
Thanks so much for having me, Kelsey! xo. Kate


  1. I like the costume ideas but somehow it is important that the costume accessories was match with costume. Pumpskin is also a great idea to use.

  2. loved the little ears! it reminds me that i've been searching online how to make some cute felt animals like this one
    it's so cool!


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