Tuesday, November 27, 2012

25 Days of Handmade Christmas: Day 3 Poinsettia Candle Wreath

Hello Embracing Messy readers! My name is Alecia, my online home is Chicken Scratch NY and I am no where near ready for Christmas! I'm a serious crafter, I love the holidays and I've been known to go all out for Christmas.  I love simple projects that don't require specialty supplies or skills, and can be completed fairly quickly. I get really excited when a cheap project turns out looking like a million bucks. I also share lots of stories about my life surrounded by farm animals (ducks, chickens, turkeys, two alpacas and two cows) and a small zoos worth of house pets.

It might not surprise you to know that my house is full of rustic, farm-y things. I like decorations that can take a beating (I have 1 year old golden retriever and a cat with a Godzilla complex) and don't cost an arm and a leg to create.

Fake Poinsettia wreath

Today I'll be showing you how you to turn a straw wreath into a charming holiday candle display. You'll need a straw wreath form, red felt, lots of fake poinsettias (the number will change based on the size and how dense you want it, I used about 7 bunches) and hot glue.

Felt Wrapped Straw Wreath Base

Start by wrapping the wreath for in the red felt.

Now start gluing down the flowers, you might want to clip off the stems a little if they are too long. Keep the wreath flat on the table while you glue so you'll see how it's going to look laying on the table when it's done. You're lines don't need to be perfect but keeping it on the table will help.
Add the second row off set from the first so the center of the top flower is between the centers of the two bottom flowers. It'll make it loo more full and you won't see as much felt.

I only used two rows of flowers and put a silver (garage sale find! $1.50!) stand and off white candle in the center. A large glass candle would look nice or a vase full of ornaments. I hope you had fun and I hope you love this project. If you make one I'd love to see it!

Thanks for letting me take over Embracing Messy today! I'd love to see you over at Chicken Scratch or you can find me on Facebook!
Happy Holidays!

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