Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guest Post: Adding Personal Touches to Your Home by Kristin Steward

A while ago I received a sweet email from a follower who had a love for writing but not enough time for a blog of her own. She asked if I accepted guest posts and, if I did, could she write one for me. Of course I was thrilled, so without more jibber-jabber from me, here are a couple ways to add some personal, DIY touches to your home. If you want to connect with Kristin, follow her on Twitter

A house should be more than simply a grouping of rooms under the same roof. You create a home by taking that grouping of rooms and show who you really are. There are a variety of different ways to add your own personal spark to your home. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

First, show off what you love on the walls. Is there an artist whose work you enjoy? I really love the artists of the Hudson RiverSchool. Their attention to the details of nature is simply amazing! If you need a source for inspiration, check out Pinterest. Art doesn’t need to be expensive; it just needs to be something that speaks to you. And don’t worry about if it “matches” your furniture. Art isn’t meant to “match” anything. And more importantly, don’t worry about what someone else might think of it, just display what you like and make sure to enjoy it!

While looking for wall art, don’t forget your personal photos. You will really give your rooms a personal feel when you are surrounded by your family and friends. There are a variety of ways you can display your photos. You can group several together or better yet, you can take one favorite photo and make a large piece wall art from it. It will really be a great conversation piece! You could even use smaller photos around the wall art to make one large grouping. For help with photo grouping ideas, check out The Cottage Market. Shutterfly offers a way for you to take your favorite photo and produce your wall art to complete your grouping.

When it comes to other room decorations, again, display what you love. I have a lovely piece of coral my husband purchased for me on our honeymoon on display along with a shell I found on the beach and a small glass fish. It shows how much we love the ocean and the beach. Do you have an antique typewriter? A hand-made quilt made by your Grandmother? Don’t store it. Display it! This way not only will you enjoy it, you can share it when guests come to visit and you can share what makes it so special.

Coat Rack - After
Everyone needs furniture like a bookcase or end table, so think about making something new out of something old. A process known as “upcycling” is a very popular technique and you can really make something interesting and unique! You can learn about how to upcycle different items from “Dora the Restorer.” It is a great resource!

I hope these ideas have inspired your creative spark. Just remember to display what you love!

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