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Wanderlust: Charleston, SC

One of my favorite things to do is travel. I love visiting a new place and have quite the long travel bucket list. Before I go on trips, I love to hunt down blog posts about the place I'm traveling to, figuring out the best places to stay, eat, visit, etc. So I wanted to start my own posts each time I travel somewhere. They'll always include where to stay, eat, some must sees, dos, and some helpful tips that I wish I'd known  before my trip. Hopefully these posts will be helpful to those of you looking for your next adventure! 
Where to Stay: 

We stayed at the Sleep Inn on Savannah Highway just outside of Charleston. I'd recommend it. Inexpensive, very clean, good location to visit downtown Charleston and Folly Beach. Also relatively close to the Angel Oak Tree.

Harbourview Inn, Vendue. Ok, I didn't stay here--but they sure looked NICE and had an excellent location.

Must Eat: 

This list could get ridiculous. Charleston is kind of known for it's food. Here were my favorites:

Pearlz Oyster Bar - Savannah Hwy just east of the city, and downtown on East Bay.

Try their clams and Shrimp & Grits.
                 photo 10329245_10100926033628463_2200711866398649975_n.jpg    photo 10383578_10100926033548623_1526643250330161993_n.jpg

Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar - Downtown, East Bay St.
OH MY GOODNESS. I would drive to Charleston just to eat dinner here and drive back. Shrimp corn dogs--do it! Grilled Crab & Shrimp Cake sandwich

 photo amen-street-fish-raw-shrimpandcrabcakesandwhich_zpsd0d3a00a.jpg    photo amen-street-fish-raw-shrimp-corndogs_zpsedd5b63b.jpg

Sol - Sullivan's Island
This wasn't your typical place you'd think to eat in Charleston, but a friend recommended it and it was pretty yummy! I had the Carnitas Napoleon and it was a delicious stack of yum! In keeping with our "things-on-a-stick" theme from Amen Street, we decided we had to get the Tuna Lollipops. They were no Shrimp Corndog, but they were pretty darn tasty. You have to like raw fish, though!

 photo carnitasnapoleonsol_zps613f5782.jpg  photo sol-southwest-kitchentunalolipops_zps80a28090.jpg

Poe's Tavern - Sullivan's Island
Poe's is a burger joint. I recommend the Amontillado burger. Guac, Jalapeno Jack Cheese, Pico de' Gallo and Chipotle Sour Cream all on a delicious burger. Also, go for the onion straws.

 photo poessign_zps11e72ee1.jpg  photo poe-s-tavern_zps6556a4d5.jpg

Husk - While you're waiting on your table or if you just want to stop for a drink, head over to their old-timey bar next door. It won't disappoint.

 photo 10492108_10100926021842083_3970908306532893859_n.jpg

Must See: 
Rainbow Row
 photo 10304331_10100926015414963_3250797340834915422_n.jpg

Angel Oak Tree
This tree is utterly fascinating. Seriously. Be sure to check park hours, though--it doesn't stay open late and it's not an open-all-the-time kind of park. 

 photo 10306749_10100926032610503_3110333900688632432_n.jpg

 photo 10471006_10100926032820083_1473104115171676271_o.jpg

Must Do: 
Plantation Tour - Boone Hall Plantation

 photo 10671471_10101035622765953_1642017216349571105_n.jpg

 photo 10403025_10101035621034423_2792209439383546813_n.jpg  photo 10383945_10101035620265963_4569101029740629447_n.jpg

Peach/Blueberry Picking at Boone Hall Plantation (if visiting in the summer)
After your plantation tour, stop by and visit the u-pick fields and pick some fresh blueberries, peaches or whatever they offer in-season when you visit. 

Walk up Church Street from the Battery Park 
You'll find some of the coolest homes in Charleston if you start up Church St. from the Battery (where you should park.. we'll get to that!). When you think Charleston, this street embodies all that you imagine.

 photo 10492152_10100926021028713_1041374953215744009_n.jpg

Check out the Doors, Windows and Gates of Charleston (#windowsofcharleston #doorsofcharleston #gatesofcharleston)

 photo 10464145_10100926002406033_2287699221530627032_n.jpg              photo 10431369_10100928410135923_7700592723839712496_o.jpg

             photo 10374466_10100926016128533_4119641648620567859_n.jpg            photo 10468635_10100926006288253_2987789396933135525_n.jpg

 photo 10462580_10100926006782263_1794055381004465837_n.jpg    photo 10440866_10100926006936953_7823032348493574082_n.jpg

Must Know:
Parking... ugh parking. You can park for free down by the battery and White Point Garden. If at all possible, DO THIS! If you head out to Folly Beach, beware. Your tires can't touch the roadway if you're parking on the side of the street. I mean even an inch of your tire touching the pavement will slap you with a $30 parking ticket. 

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