Thursday, August 11, 2011

Herb Planter

I love growing my own herbs! I've always had them strewn around in random pots throughout the house and outside and didn't really like the idea of putting them out in the garden.My mom and sister actually put this together to keep all of our herbs in one spot.

Herb Planter

 **I apologize for the lack of step-by-step photos for this tutorial. This project was completed about two years ago, wayyyyy before this blog was even thought of.

You'll Need:
1 Metal (or thick plastic, as long as it's sturdy) stake/rod or pipe of some sort, at least 4' long. The diameter should be small enough to fit in the drainage hole of a clay pot.
1 Large pot for planting
3 (or more, depending on how long your stake is) clay pots, 8" pots should do
Potting Soil

Step 1: Begin by securing the stake/rod in the large planter. It may be as simple as placing it through a drainage hole in the center of the planter (which was the case for ours). Keep in mind, if you do secure the stake by placing it in the drainage hole, make sure there is adequate drainage left. If this was the only hole, you might need to drill a few extras. Anyway, a snug fit is best, but you're going to be filling the planter with potting soil, which will help hold it in place. You may want to put a few stones in the bottom to help hold it in place.

Step 2: Fill the larger planter with potting mix and make sure that the stake is in the middle of the planter and standing up straight.

Step 3: Slide the clay pots onto the stake by feeding the stake through the drainage hole on the bottom. They should stack up. Depending on how long your stake is, you should be able to fit 3 or more pots. Once the pots are stacked up, I rotated them so that they all faced in different directions.

Step 4: Fill small clay pots with potting soil and this will hold them in the position they are in.

Step 5: Plant your herbs (or flowers, or whatever else your heart desires)!

This is the size planter I used. This is a different one (no stake obviously) but still the same size. The square shape made it nice for planting around the stake.

Forgive my sad-looking parsley, he's about 3 years old... But this shows the stake coming up through the pot. A healthy plant would cover this up.

One more view, this shows a little more of the base planter. We have it stuck inside of a larger planter on our deck right now, making it hard to show the entire thing. However, it is pretty when left standing alone.

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope you find this useful! I know I definitely love my herb planter!!!


  1. what a great idea, I love how looks 'Wonky', so does each pot have its own stake? Thanks for showing off!


  2. PS, I am excited to be your very first follower!!

  3. Carlee, it's actually just one large stake that is secured in the bottom larger planter and it runs up through the holes of each pot. They all rest on top of each other but when you turn them at an angle, it creates that "wonky" look. As you fill the smaller pots with soil, you can really control the angles of each.

    I'm also very excited that you're my first follower! I'd like to feature your blog and one of your projects on mine, if that's ok with you!! Thanks so much for following! :)


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