Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspiration Notebooks

Lists. I'm so obsessed that I actually have a list of different lists I need/want to make. My purse has a million random pieces of paper with small lists and notes of things I want to remember or things I need to do and my office looks like some sort of sticky-note massacre took place. As I cleaned out my massive Vera Bradley bag that I carry as my purse, I figured I should write all of the things from the notes in one central notebook/journal. Possibly a list journal? But then I thought, why not make a journal for each list? Now I just sound crazy...

I've been watching online tutorials for book binding and have been dying to give it a try. I've also been taking a bunch of old notebooks from school and recovering them so that I will actually want to use them. From all of this spawned my idea for a journal/notebook set. I'm going to call it the inspiration notebook set. I'll start by making a list of categories I want each journal to represent. Any time I need some sort of inspiration, I can look at the notebooks!

My list of lists
1. Travel
2. Party ideas (Halloween costumes, decorations, themes, etc)
3. Craft ideas
4. Entertainment: Movies I want to see (I'm notorious for seeing a preview and thinking "I want to see that!" and then completely forgetting about it.), Songs (I listen to Pandora all day at work and I have a million post-its with song names written down), and books I want to read.
5. Ideas for Embracing Messy
6. My favorite things
7. Health

It's looking like mine is going to be a seven book set, but the great thing is I can add as many as I'd like. I envision these turning into art/creative journals complete with pictures, thoughts about something once I've given it a try, and decorative covers of course!

Here are a couple pictures of some notebook re-dos I've been working on. I've just been covering old notebooks with paper from paper grocery bags and then decorating. It's pretty simple, so I won't post a tutorial (If you'd like one, though, just ask!).When I get to the actual book-binding, I'll be sure to give a step-by-step.

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