Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Wreath

A much needed craft night occurred on Saturday at the request of my friend. He insisted that he had a "man-craft" to do. In case you're curious, the man-craft involved attempting to bring a deceased iPod back to life...

Anyway, while he was man-crafting, my other friends and I worked on several different projects. It's no surprise that I adore Christmas, so naturally the first one I want to share with you is my Christmas wreath.

UPDATE: My Christmas Wreath was accepted on Craftgawker and featured on two blogs: Southern Lovely and The Farmer's Daughter. Thanks so much for all of the support!

You'll need the following items:
1. Ornaments. I got mine at Walmart. You'll need a bunch, depending on how big you'd like your wreath to be. Also, make sure you get different sizes. I had 4 different sizes.
2. Some sort of wreath form. I cut out a piece of cardboard and it worked well.
3. Hot glue gun.
4. Ribbon.

Step 1: If you do not have a pre-made wreath form, find a piece of sturdy cardboard and cut out a wreath shape. I used a plate and bowl to trace the circles and then cut out my form.

Step 2: Attach your ribbon to the form before putting your ornaments on.

Step 3: Starting with the largest ornaments, glue them around  the outter edge of your wreath form.

Step 4: Using a mix of the larger and smaller sizes, fill in the inner part of your wreath form.

Step 5: Continue to cover all of the other holes and spots on your wreath until you are satisfied with how it looks.

For now, my step-by-step photos are on my camera. I will add them in later, but I just couldn't wait to post this! In the spirit of Christmas, I've decided to do a "25 Days of Handmade Christmas" event. I'm looking for participants to submit their Christmas tutorials, so if you're interested hop on over to my post with all the details! Or you can email me at embracingmessy@gmail.com.

Join the Christmas fun with my 25 Days of Handmade Christmas series! Click on the button to find out more!


  1. This is such a pretty wreath! Love the colors too :-)

    Stopping by from Southern Lovely

  2. This is such an amazing idea! I am excited to go home and to try this out myself. I wanted to find just the perfect wreath this christmas season, however this is so much better!

  3. Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! Let me know how it works out :)

  4. Congrats on being the most viewed link at Show & Share! That's so awesome!!

  5. Oh! And this is a fabulous wreath!! ;)

  6. Visiting from Freestyle Friday! This is such a great idea!! It turned out MARVELOUS! ;-)


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