Saturday, December 10, 2011

25 Days of Handmade Christmas: Day 10

I'm a collector of any and all glass jars. Every time I empty one I think "I could use this for something!" When I came across this D.I.Y. on a linky party (I can't remember which one, sorry!) I knew I had to have Mandi share a tutorial with you all. A big thanks for Mandi for taking time out of her busy schedule to write out the step-by-step just for you all! Now I'll turn it over to Mandi!

Hiya!  I am Mandi from Mandi Being Crafty!
 I am a stay at home momma to three little boys!
 Which really is a job all by itself.
I am a wife to this guy right here.

Who by the way is just incredible!
He supports me in whatever I choose to do!
At my blog I share my crafting experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Today I am going to show ya part of the good!
 I saw some bottle similar on Pinterest earlier this year.
They were so cute I just had to make some myself!
With a Christmas twist!
They are really simple too!
I am sorry there aren't detailed pictures of how to do this.
It wasn't originally a tutorial.
Please just bare with me and use your imagination!

Supplies need:
  • Glass bottles
  • Spray paint
  • Vinyl 
  • A little something to put in them.

The how to:
  • Wash the bottles and get all stickers off that may be on them. You won't want anything sticky on them.
  • Let them dry over night to make sure they would be ready for spray paint.
  • The next day spray paint bottles evenly. It may take a couple of coats.
  • While you are waiting for them to dry. Design what you would like to be on the bottles.  I used my Silhouette for the images.  
  • Once the bottles are dry attach the vinyl.
  • Then put whatever your heart desires into the bottles.  I got my green picks for Hobby Lobby.  
And that is it!

This is an easy peasy decoration that you can really customize for any holiday.  You could do 'Love' for Valentines, 'Luck' for St. Patty's day, also just simply 'Bloom' for Spring.

I hope you enjoyed this! 
Thanks Kelsey for having me today!

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