Sunday, December 11, 2011

25 Days of Handmade Christmas: Day 11

I'm happy to share with you this adorable tree from Creative Carmella! It would make a great addition to any mantel Christmas decor and seems so easy to do! My thanks to Carmella (and all of the other wonderful participants) for sharing another wonderful tutorial!

Hi! I'm Carmella from Creative Carmella

 I am so happy to be here and share a simple DIY Christmas tree project with you all!

Here's a little step by step guide...hopefully I didn't make it too confusing because it really was sooo simple to make!

Step 1: remove front and back cover of your book, leave the binding so that it holds together

Step 2: fold the top corner to meet the binding
Step 3: fold the same page again to meet the binding
Step 4: fold and crease the little triangle that has formed at the bottom to make it level with the book
Repeat all of the above until you are happy with the fullness of your tree, I used about 200 pages, but I promise it went by quickly. Also, I used a large clip to hold the pages I had already folded together to make it easier to fold the next pages.

When your tree is all finished remove the rest of the unused book by cutting it away, then glue your first and last page together. I sponged on a little gold colored acrylic paint and then hot glued it to a brass candle holder....
To finish, I added a card stock snow flake that I covered with glitter, to attach it all I did was tape it to a tooth pick and pushed it down into the spine of the book
Now that it's all finished, do you want to see it on my mantle???

Did you find it...hehehe
Front and center, just as it should be :)

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial! I would love for you to stop by my little corner of the blog world and say hi some time!
Thanks again Kelsey, for inviting me to share!

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