Monday, December 12, 2011

25 Days of Handmade Christmas: Day 12

Happy Monday everyone! I worked on a lot of Christmas crafts this weekend, but I want to share some from other readers first while I get my tutorials together. I came across this cute tutorial the other day. It's one that can be used all winter and not just for Christmas. Be sure to check Thrifty Craft Girl and her 25 Days of Christmas series she's got going on as well!

Hello, Embracing Messy readers! I'm the Thrifty Crafty Girl and here's how I display all those holiday cards!

For the past a bazillion years, I've always taped up the Christmas cards we receive to the back of our front door. I keep them every year and I'll show you what I do with them in a future post, but until the Christmas season is over I need to display them... so I came up with something a little more creative than some scotch tape and the back of a door.

I started with a bulletin board I got at goodwill. For like, a dollar. Score.
I have so many projects I can do with bulletin boards so I grab them every time I see them at Goodwill.  Anyhoo, I took it outside and spray painted the edges white.
See my Illini-colored Pumas down there? My photography skills are rocking, clearly.

After the paint had dried, I taped off the painted edges and sprayed adhesive to the cork part of the board.
Once that step was over, I took some light blue satin from Hobby Lobby (bought with a 50% off coupon, natch) and laid it over the spray adhesive.  I cut the fabric around the edge of the board and smoothed out the middle as best I could.
I used a box knife to push the edges of the fabric into the trim of the bulletin board.
It worked like a charm.
Next, I grabbed some white ribbon and laid out strips of it in a snowflake sort of shape, like so:
Once I had a good outline, I started folding the edges of the ribbon to make little points and I hot glued it to the satin.
I kept adding little snowflake arms until I was happy with my flake.
I found some foam snowflake stickers and I put those on the board too, which gave it a little sparkle.  Then, I put up the Christmas cards!
The cards stay under the ribbon pretty snugly... I love how it turned out.

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