Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Days of Handmade Christmas: Day 4

When I started this series on Dec. 1st, I was really worried about gaining participation on such short notice. I had a handful of projects that I could use, but definitely not 25 of them. I'm so excited that so many wonderful bloggers and crafters have agreed to participate (I have some spots left if you're interested!). I'm even more excited that some of them are from the blogs that I've been following for a while that inspired me to create my own. Jennifer of Vintage Gwen is one of these! Her blog always has unique and heartfelt ideas and I'm so happy to hand this post over to her as she shares one of these ideas with you all.

Hi! I'm Jennifer of Vintage Gwen!

I'm a stay at home mom to a handsome 2 year old boy, a wife, daughter, sister, friend, baker, crafter, makeup and music lover and last  February a blogger! I entered blog land searching for 1st Birthday party ideas and discovered a whole new world! And much like a lot of other bloggin' lovelies I thought "I could do that!"
Vintage Gwen is where I share things I make and things I like...The Best of Me! It's all about inspiration! I'm truly amazed at all the inspiration there is and enjoy all of the creativity we share with each other!

I'm excited to be a part of Kelsey's 25 Days Of Handmade Christmas! I've done a lot of Christmas crafts and it's one of the many things I love about Christmas!  Handmade gifts are just a little bit more special.
I recently participated in an Ornament Exchange over at Eisy Morgan and made the following ornament for $0.  

Spoon Christmas Ornament

Here's my supplies:

I started by bending the handle of the spoon down so it will hang by itself.  Next I arranged, rearranged, arranged and rearranged till I liked the 'pattern' of my flowers in the spoon. Hot glued them in place......

Next I beaded a piece of the wire with the seed beads....

Then I slid on the cross and wound the wire around the base of the spoon and that's it!

Easy as pie!

A few things...

I have a stash of odds and ends silverware from working at Dillard's.  You know the display silverware? Well when they discontinue a pattern you can sell the display for cheap and thus my stash!  I had the rest of my supplies as well....the flowers are from my first plum of a deal from Pick Your Plum!!  So this makes the second project from them and I still have some left!  I'm loving the combo of turquoise, red and white for Christmas and I had just enough!  My exchange partner is Allison from Feeding My Temple.  Not only is she a fellow sister in Christ but a fellow Okie as well!! How fun to get her in the exchange!!  So I knew I wanted to make her ornament and make it special.  Since her blog is about balancing 'feeding her body, mind, and spirit with the Word and amazing food' I wanted the ornament to reflect that.  

Spoon + pretty flowers + cross = Feeding My Temple.

Get it?

And how perfect that I had all supplies on hand!! Go me!! ☺

I'm happy to report that Allison loves it!

Thanks for having me Kelsey!!

Happy Handmade Christmas!

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  1. Super cute!!!!! There are so many different possibilities for this idea.


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