Thursday, July 18, 2013

ALIVE: The Food Variety | Terry's Turf Club

I've lived in Cincinnati my entire life--well, minus the four years I was living in Kentucky for college. It almost pains me to say I'd never been to Terry's Turf Club, but it was the truth. Featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives, it became even more popular than it already was. With limited seating, wait times are usually crazy even on a week night. So the opportunities to go aren't always there. Anyway, last night some friends and I had the time! And boy am I glad we did. Hands-down, best burger ever, great atmosphere, and friendly staff. Not to mention the awesome decor of neon signs.

 photo 445D20D6-0C2F-43E3-A350-E105234E7F99-58914-00002764463EB914_zpsf9e91b77.jpg

I had the burger with Red Wine and Mushroom Sauce with grilled onion and lettuce. It was pretty fit that the name of my blog includes the word messy because this burger was just that. I had it all over my hands and loved every second of it! The burger is the main attraction here, but I can't go without mentioning that the fries were pretty tasty too! 

 photo 91D195F1-27F8-46DF-A761-74B37DEC0DA0-58914-000027643EDF5AA7_zps58efd893.jpg

A couple friends got the most elaborate deviled eggs I've ever seen...

 photo e82f7a77-3aaf-4498-928f-bba3d9ddaee5_zpsfb259ebd.jpg

And a shot with all of the neon lights turned on. How cool!!!

 photo 5EAD9FF4-6DD5-459A-B1D8-FEBCCD16B20D-58914-0000276437586CA5_zpsc60acc60.jpg

If you're ever in Cincinnati, this is definitely a must-eat! Have you ever been? What is your favorite local spot in your town? 


  1. I've been to Lambert's Home of the Throwed Rolls place in Missouri a few times when traveling to relatives homes for visits. It is too loud and crowded for comfort but the food is great. And if you want to eat a second burger it is included in the price ... if you can. There is always a line for that place as well.

  2. My friend Kristin was on that episode eating that very burger! Fun times. I've never been there but would like to try it.


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