Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY Curtain Rod Finial Update

This is a bit embarrassing, but in a moment of weakness (mental weakness), I decided spray painting my curtain rods this metallic silver was a good idea. It turned out looking cheap. So here is my quick fix and a simple way to update any finials (I had to Google what they were called). 

 photo 0ace4231-412d-488a-a497-f020689a68f5_zps1487623b.jpg

Here's what you'll need.

 photo 5917305c-a43a-412b-9850-287703f6d128_zpsaabb23e3.jpg

Simply use the glue and wrap the jute around the finial until you've covered the whole thing. If yours are rounded like mine, be sure to cover the whole finial in glue so the jute doesn't slip.

 photo b8ba5970-ea13-45a4-92c2-85ebd3284945_zps18491b54.jpg

 photo b89b248e-8813-44b6-b548-a8bb1db73344_zps81366b98.jpg


  1. Love jute/rope makeover! This is the first one I've seen for finials. Great job & thanks for sharing!

  2. Your idea gave me inspiration for making finials from tennis balls for my daughters apartment. I made a cut in the ball that would fit snugly onto the pole and then covered the ball with jute. She loves them.

  3. Hey Lady! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Come check it out!


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