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Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Days of Handmade Christmas: Day 5

Merry Christmas!!! Too soon? Not ready for it? I AM!!! I'm Jennifer from Busy Being Jennifer, just a small town Texas blogger, that LOVES CHRISTMAS!!! I also love my hubby, puppy, coffee, books and making stuff. And not necessarily in that order ;) When Kelsey asked if I would be interested in sharing for her 25 days of Handmade Christmas, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! When I was a child we made a new ornament every year with my Nana. Some of my favorites were the ones we made out of clay and painted. My mom still has all of them and they go on the family Christmas tree back home. So this year I decided I need to make some homemade ornaments of my own!

 Here's what you'll need... Rolling Pin Bakeable clay Cookie Cutters Baking sheet Paint Paint Brushes If you're wondering what the mustache stamp is for, pop over to Busy Being Jennifer tomorrow, and you can find out! :) Start off with a small piece of clay and work it until it is pliable

  Roll it out flat. I rolled mine between two pieces of wax paper because our kitchen table is old and needs to refinished. I didn't want little slivers of wood in my ornament :/  
 Taking your snowflake cookie cutter, lightly press into the clay, off-center. Do not cut all the way through the clay. You just want the impression of the snowflake.
 Use a round cookie cutter, or a glass to cut a circle. You only want to include a part of the snowflake impression.
 It should look something like this. Draw on more snowflake detailing if you'd like and then bake according to directions.
 Allow to cool. Paint a few layers of white paint.
 Paint your snowflake! I went with a very light coat of silver for most of the snowflake and then highlighted the detail with 2 more coats of silver. Allow to dry completely between layers.  
 Once all those layers were completely dry I added a layer sparkle paint over the snowflake. Yay! Sparkles!!
 Add "Merry Christmas" or whatever message you'd like. Allow to dry, add some bakers twine and you're ready to hang your newest ornament on your tree! :)
 I hope you enjoy making your ornaments! And when you do I hope you'll let me know so I can check it out! Thanks for having my Kelsey! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :)


  1. So pretty! Glad to have these ideas!

  2. I love snowflakes, and tonight little grands will be will be our project.


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