Wednesday, December 7, 2011

25 Days of Handmade Christmas: Day 7

I know I say this every time, but I'm so excited to share yet another amazing tutorial with you all from Lindsay at Southern Lovely. I know it's already December, but it's definitely not too late to make this adorable advent calendar! Lindsay explains how and even hooks you up with some great activities to add to your own calendar.

Hey there! I am excited to be sharing here today! My name is Lindsay, and I blog over at Southern Lovely. I am a busy mom of three who loves having this creative outlet.

Today I am going to share a fun little project that the little ones can enjoy as well.

Growing up I have such fond memories of going to my grandparents & opening up each day of their advent calendar. The excitement of what was under each number is still so fresh in my mind. I wanted to give my children the same opportunity that I had growing up.
I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest, so I thought I would tweak it for my own.

Here is what I came up with..

Supplies needed:
Frame--bigger than 8x10 works better
Scrapbook paper
mini clothespins
Jute or string
Hot glue
Stick glue
Cutting machine--or you can hand cut them

To start, I simply painted the frame green, then glazed it. You will notice that the frame I used is not the frame I initially started with. I tried to make the smaller frame work, but it was just too little for this project.

For the little cards, I used my Cricut to cut them out, but you could also cut a basic shape if you don't have a cutting machine. I cut the numbers & red vinyl using the Cricut as well.

I printed off all the activities from my computer, then glued them to the back. I found some good ideas here.

To finish, hot glue the jute on the back of your frame, using the correct spacing, then attach your clothespins & the cards.

It's really that easy!

And now I have some very excited little ones who can't wait to see what the card will read each day! And that is exactly why I made this. :)

Happy Holidays!

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