Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guest Posting at Katie {Did} It

Hey everyone! Today I'm over at Katie {Did} It, sharing a tutorial as part of her 15 Tricks to Treat Your Halloween! I'm sharing how to make these little ghosts: 
D0992E1A-B0B2-4454-9BEF-DC1B4C729FE7-38256-00001AAB5211635C So head on over and check out my post as well as some of the other fabulous Halloween posts!


  1. I looked for this post over at Katy Did It and couldn't find it....maybe I'm too early?

  2. Kelsey I love that little ghost! It's the cutest! I happen to have some liquid starch and I'm giving this a try! Nice guest post and a great project!


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